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Our Project Portfolio

For custom software that's designed to meet your specific needs, get in touch with us. Our team has been building software since 2016, for bluechips to startups. We'll help you create a software solution that's secure, scalable, and customised to your business objectives.

Automotive HMI Tools

This is the first project we ever undertook and since 2016 we have provided software development support to 3D Incorporated which is a software package used to design human machine interfaces in automotive applications.

Remo rendering engine
Denso 3D Incorporated Logo

Modernising And Running Critical Applications And Infrastructure

At LiveRoom Technologies we provide software development services specialising in Android, iOS & PHP helping Claranet to securely manage their infrastructures.

Claranet Authenticator App
Claranet Logo

Wireless Solutions For Intelligent Operations

Ackcio is one of the startup success stories that we were able to help with remote talent from Sri Lanka. At LiveRoom we provided a dedicated software development team to Ackcio and helped them quickly go to market while keeping the development cost significantly low compared to Singapore.

Ackcio Wireless Monitoring
Ackcio Logo

Digital Human Based Ergonomics Design Studio

At LiveRoom Technologies we provided development support, rendering quality improvements and porting to MacOS using the tech stack of C++, Python, OpenGL, Open CL.

Dhaiba Works Digital Human
Denso Logo

Smart Insurance Claiming System

BigPool Insure-tech Singapore Company

BigPool Global is a Singapore based startup providing a smart insurance platform with AI powered automated claim management system. Our team at LiveRoom handled the development of mobile apps, web portals and backend. We used React Native, Cloud SQL, App Engine, Kubernetes, Compute Engine,Cloud Scheduler for the project.

BigPool Logo

Touch Firmware Improvements

Wacom is a leading Japanese graphics design tablet manufacturer. Together with 3D Incorporated Japan we have provided support in improvements to touch firmware to enhance performance.

Wacom Tablet
3D Incorporated Logo and Wacom logo
Prooftec Vehicle damage monitoring system

AI driven, Vehicle Damage Detection, Assessment and Analysis Platform

Prooftec is an Australian startup with an innovative vehicle damage detection system for vehicle fleets. We helped Prooftec in deploying their AI models and building a scalable backend on AWS. 

Prooftec Logo

Haptic Feedback Tools For Visually Impaired

At LiveRoom Technologies we provided development support to this project done together with 3D Incorporated and NHK Japan for visually impaired people to experience 3D objects through a haptic feedback device.

NHK Haptic Feedback App
NHK Logo
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